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Le Dékoncert

Music and Circus

Show based on the search for musical juggling and the invention of original instruments such as the roly bass, bounce-back ball drumming, bottlephone…
The Deconcert is circus,’s even a circus concert!!


These two artists are going to surprise you. One moment they are musicians, the next they are circus artists. Sometimes serious and at other times unaware that they are clowns, the roles are exchanged all through this concert show. Balls bounce back, bottles ring, scarves fly and sounds ring out from the smallest gesture.

Thanks to them, music becomes a gesture and performance becomes a sound. The Solfacirc company invites you to a disconcerting concert, a musical score juggled between two people, where circus is at the service of music and music is at the service of mischief.

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1st Prize BBVA Zirkolika de Circ 201 Barcelona

“Public’s favourite” Prize of International Cir and Co Festival, Avila, 2018

*  Own geodesic tent

Creation: June 2016 – Alsace (68) and July 2016 – Gerona (Spain)


Performers: Biel Rosselló i Antoine Dagallier
Genre: Music and Circus
Language: none
Circus: Biel Rosselló
Musical Composition: Antoine Dagallier
CoDirector: Pascale Diseur, Ferran Utzet and Francis Thévenin
Structures: Biel Rosselló / Nacho Ullua
Sceneray and Props: Solfasirc and Corinne
Web Designer: : Cédric Ménager i Gerard Sardà
Production: Solfacirc with participation from ICEA (Catalan DRAC)

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  • Stage measurements: 9m wide x 6m deep x 5m high
  • Fully flat, level, hard floor with no slope
  • Installation time: 6 hours. Dismantling time: 2 hours (with pre-installed fire plan and the help of at least 2 local technicians)
  • Lighting: 24 circuits of 2kW, 14 PC 1000X, 10 PAR64 CP62, 10 extracts 614 sx (see technical file)
  • Sound: Professional sound system adapted to the gauge and the location, 1 sound console 5 mono and 1 stereo inputs, 2 outputs on stage, 1 x 220V:16A for the Sound machines on the board, If large capacity venue, 2 microphones with supercardioide condenser (Shennheiser K6ME66 or similar).
  • Contact the company for reduced requirements or possibility of self-contained version.

+ 33 675 911 595 (Biel)