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A live production company,
specialised in circus arts and music

As its name suggests, Solfasirc is a circus and music company, based in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Solfasirc creates humourous and poetic shows for all ages, mixing the on-stage circus universe with live music and even composing music through the inventive use of circus props.
This franco-catalan company has its own specific universe, featuring bounce-back juggling, tight-rope walking and the comical re-employment of musical instruments such as the double bass on a rope, the roly bass or the bottlephone.

“Man does not stop playing because he is older, he grows older because he stops playing”

G.B. Shaw


The franco-catalan company serves as a base for creative and artistic experimentation. It aims to achieve the fusion of different scenic languages within its projects. Keep reading…



A circus concert

1st Prize BBVA Zirkolika de Circ 201 Barcelona
“Public’s favourite” Prize of International Cir and Co Festival, Avila, 2018


On-stage Circus


Piano and Circus


Fascinated by the mix of arts, the company also offers tent constructions: circus tents and artistic creations.

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+ 33 675 911 595 (Biel)