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This was Solfacirc’s first creation (2009). Initially, there were 4 artists and musicians (piano, guitar, video-projections and circus) in this show. After 10 years on the road and more than 400 performances mainly in Spain and France, the show has evolved into the form of a circus and piano duo which is more adaptable to the street, yet a theatre or tent version is also available.


This was Solfacirc’s first creation (2009).


She wants to play classical music and he wants to play rock and roll! This disagreement brings our two artists onto rocky ground: a mix-up of music which transports us into an unhinged musical universe. The giraffe unicycle will assist the music and the bounce-back balls will play Mozart! A lively, comical show for adults and children.

*  La carpa geodèssica és pròpia

Creation: 3rd April 2009, Igualada Theatre Exhibition

(Latest version: July 2019)


ArtistsBiel Rosselló and Delfina Muñoz,
Genre:Musical circus
Music: Delfina Muñoz
Structures and Scenery: Biel Rosselló
Costumes: Delfina Muñoz
Photography: Rosa Colell

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  • Stage dimensions: from 6-9 m wide, 5-6 m deep and minimum 4m high (depending on form of metal structure)
  • Flat, level, hard ground with no slope (max 3% slope)
  • Installation time: 3hours and dismantling: 1 hour (with pre-installed fire plan – if inside- and with the assistance of at least 2 local technicians)
  • For the installation of the metal structure: we ideally require 2 points of fixation of 500kg each. However a self-contained version of the show is available (more information from the company).
  • Lighting: 12 circuits of 2kW, 8PC 1000W, 4 PAR64 CP62, 4 extracts 614sx (see TF). The company is adaptable on this point.
  • Sound: Professional Sound System adapted to the gauge and location, 1 sound console with 3 mono inputs and 1 stereo input, 2 outputs on the stage, 1 feed 220V:16A for the sound machines on the deck (we are also able to be independent in terms of sound and lighting).

+ 33 675 911 595 (Biel)