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A trip in time with this circus show for all ages, with theatre and music, where juggling and tight rope meet poetry, humour and performance.

A trip in time with this circus show for all ages


If you have ever asked, even once, how balls of string are made, then you are in the right place. And yet! Plunged into the universe of the 1900’s, every morning, in this “Modern times” style factory, Marcello, Luno and Pila unwind, spin, weave and check… but the day when they decide to open their doors to the public, everything goes wrong. This gives rise to a chain of acrobatic repairs until the unhoped for occurs.

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Creation: June 2014-Alsace (68)


A creation of and with: Céline Arblay and Anthony Plos (K-Bestan company) and Biel Rossello
Genre: acrobatic theatre
Circus: tight-rope walking, acrobatics, balance, juggling, bounce-back juggling
Live Music- Guitar and Singing
Compositions by Céline Arblay and Delfina Munoz
Languages: French, Spanish, Catalan and Italian but familiarity with these languages is not necessary to understand the show!!
Direction: Pascale Diseur and Cédric Joulie
Structures : Biel Rossello
Scenery and costumes : Emmanuel Laborde, K-Bestan and Solfacirc
Designer and Web: Lambert Samuel, Gerard Sardà
Production: Solfacirc and K-Bestan
Technicians: Paul Roussier and Florian Lyonne

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  • Stage dimensions: 9m wide x 6m deep x 5m high
  • Flat, level, hard floor with no slope
  • Installation time: 5 hours and dismantling time : 2 hours (with pre-installed fire plan and with the help of at least 2 local technicians).

+ 33 675 911 595 (Biel)