With a height of 7 meters and a diameter of 11.22, Geodesic Tent is a structure designed to fit our shows everywhere, especially in the corners of the world which otherwise would be impossible to have a theater. Thanks to its versatility, the tent also serves all kinds of events, from exhibitions to workshops.

The tent is the result of years of experience to assemble and dismantle the stage throughout Europe. It is a structure approved by France and the European Union that meets all security measures. (Record sécurité: Number C-38-2016-011) in addition to serving as a shelter for weather.

You can hire one of our shows together or independently.

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In addition to the approved Geodesic Tent, Solfasirc also offers the possibility to build a structure made of recycled skis.

The structure is currently in the approval process, which is why we recommend it as a decorative element.

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